Upgraded option management, copying descriptions within projects, fresh community badges, and more

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New option management

We’ve redesigned the functionality of adding options to a product. You can still add multiple options with values, but the view is simpler and easier to navigate. You can also define if a specific choice should increase the product’s price.
You can also change the order of values or set one as default for the backers. There’s also an option to add an SKU for each value.
As you can see, the price is adjusted depending on the backer's choice. Learn more here.

Copying descriptions

In some cases, the content of sections in the project description stays the same for the whole campaign duration. That’s why we added an option to copy their content to the next stage. Clean and easy. You need to choose which section you want to copy and where. That’s it!
Copying content from a previous stage will replace what you've already had in your target sections. If you copy the section's content from stage A to stage B, all the content you already added to the section in stage B will be replaced with content from A.

New mobile navigation

The navigation of the admin panel on Gamefound when using a mobile device has slightly changed. We’re still working on it and aim to make it comfortable for you to manage your projects through mobile devices.

Fresh badges: backer and prior backer

We’ve introduced two new badges. If you comment on a campaign you backed, a new “Backer” label will appear next to your nickname. Others will also see your backer number.

We also wanted to highlight community members who have some backing experience and have previously supported a specific creator. They will get a “Prior backer” label when they comment on a project of a creator they supported in the past.
This will help both the backers’ community and creators. On Gamefound, all users can comment on a project, but now creators can easily distinguish which comment was left by a backer and which didn’t. The “Prior backer” badge will help the community see if the person talking about the creator has had an experience in their previous projects, etc.
Backers’ numbers will be added only during crowdfunding; backers from the late pledge and pledge manager will have only a “Backer” badge.

More streamlining on the way 

Soon we’ll introduce even more features to make campaign management easier. We’ve also got a huge feature on the pipeline that’s been requested by the backers – being able to follow other users! Let us know what else you’d like to see on Gamefound.

Alex Radcliffe, CMO of Gamefound