Over 200,000 users on Gamefound

Over 200,000 users on Gamefound! This is a huge milestone for us. We are extremely happy and grateful for your trust. Creators and backers alike, we thank you for joining us on this journey:)
The creator's dashboard

You might remember the project dashboard we have introduced couple months ago. This is it's bigger brother, the creator's dashboard. It aggregates information across all your projects, providing insights you normally wouldn't get without employing spreadsheets:)
New order filters

Some time ago we have introduced a way to choose which filters you want to use in the orders list. This allows us to add more filters without the risk of clogging your view. Capitalizing on this, we're expanding the orders list with 3 new filters:
  • "Order contains product" - lets you type a product name to get only the orders that contain it.
  • "Currency" - lets you find orders placed using a particular currency.
  • "User groups" - narrows the list of orders to those placed by users from a selected user group.
These filters are hidden by default. If you want to make use of them, you can find them here:

Bonus feature: ever wanted to find orders that are either fully or partially shipped? Or maybe those that are unpaid or with a payment error? Not a problem any more! You can now filter by multiple order statuses at a time:)
Payment provider transaction ID

By popular demand, it is no longer impossible to copy the transaction ID of a payment. The tooltip that contains the information is now displayed on click, instead of mouse hover.

Big changes coming soon

Remember how we said we're working on something big that we can't reveal yet? Well, we still can't;) But we're hoping we will in the next blog post. Until then:)