New shipping hub export formats, easier order editing, and more

More shipping hub export formats

We added new formats for exporting orders for specific fulfillment centers. We know how stressful it could be to rearrange columns to get what you need; we know the pain :) Now, the system will generate a report for you that will be ready for a chosen shipping hub:

• Asmodee
• Fulfillrite
• Let's Play Games
• ShipQuest
• ShipStation
• Spiral Galaxy Games
• VR Distribution
• Zatu

You can choose the fulfillment center from the list when exporting orders:
You can choose the export format (XLS or CSV depending on which your shipping hub accepts). This is the base for fully-fledged shipping hub solutions, and you can expect API integrations in the future.
The new exports will work in all pledge managers, also those handling external campaigns. Let us know what else you would like to see in these areas in the future!

Editing content in a bigger window

Here’s another improvement for creating a campaign – now you can edit the description and section content on an enlarged window. Just click “enlarge” in the editor to comfortably work on your project. The size of the window will automatically adjust to the height of the visible space on your browser. 

Editing orders

You can easily edit a backer's order by adding or removing items, changing the shipping address, or applying a discount. Editing occurs in a separate process that ends with a summary of the changes before you confirm them. If the changes result in an underpayment, the backer will receive appropriate information about the need to pay the difference. If, however, after the changes, the value of the order is lower than the amount paid, the system will immediately guide you through the process of making a refund. You also do not have to worry about the appropriate status of the order, the platform will recognize what changes have been made and adjust to the appropriate status.
If the backer has made any changes to a given order but has not yet confirmed them, you will receive information about what has changed. You can then take the backer's changes into account or reject them, depending on what you agree with the backer.

Omnibus directive

To comply with the European Union requirements, we added information about the lowest price of a product in the last 30 days if it’s a discounted item. Showing this info is required from all businesses selling items to customers from the European Union to protect them from fake discounts. In the case of our platform, it is just for informative purposes and is applied automatically. If you apply a discount on a product, this info will appear by default.  

Behind the scenes

If you’re wondering what we’re working on now, here’s a sneak peek at some of our plans. Soon it will be possible for users to follow other people on Gamefound, an often-requested feature! At the same time, our dev team is working with all its capabilities to significantly improve our pledge manager. Your feedback is heard, and we’re implementing your requests to improve and change a ton of functionalities. As always, let us know what you think in the comments, and vote in the poll.

Add a comment if you use more than one shipping hub, none at all, or your shipping hub isn't listed in the poll.