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We’ve been working on the feature for some time now, and finally, it’s ready! Now backers have clearly listed steps about what they backed or followed and see the project status. We’ve gathered all projects in one place to navigate backers’ pledges easily.
We hope this will simplify the process of finding the projects backers love.

Each project has its stage described, information on pledge value, and what action is required to complete the pledge. Now, backers have a very clear message about what they have to do with their pledges, like “go to checkout” or “add shipping data”, etc. This way it will be easier to find and finish their pledges.
Backers also have a list of all projects they are following in one place. Moreover, they can filter the list to narrow the selection and find specific projects among the followed ones.

Blog update comment section 

We care about your opinion and actively gather your feedback. We felt we were missing out on your thoughts here in the blog updates. That’s why we enabled commenting on our news. We hope this will encourage you to share your insights on what we can work on in the future and simplify the ways of giving us your feedback. So, let us know what you think about the newest features in the comments.
We hope you enjoy these new features. While we are actively putting out updates and new features every single week, it’s always more fun when we’re able to make changes that we know the community has been asking for. It’s always our goal to continue to make the Gamefound ecosystem a place that feels easy to be in, sometimes that means the quality of life changes, somethings that just means giving you another place where you can let us know your thoughts.

Happy gaming,

Alex Radcliffe 
CMO of Gamefound