Gamefound Feast: From Firefly through Creature Caravan right to... breaking another record

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Firefly: The Game - 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Here’s a real treat for fans of the Firefly series! Buckle up; it's time to hop on your spaceship again. Firefly: The Game, based on the classic space Western by 20th Century Fox, is returning with a special release! The biggest Firefly game contains a decade’s worth of content. Command your ship and navigate through the galaxy. If you join the crew now and follow the project, you’ll receive an exclusive set of holographic big heroes. Watch out for the Alliance, and make sure not to miss the campaign.

Beast – Shattered Isles
Will you re-enter the belly of the Beast? Despite the dangers, you’ll be tempted to join the hunt in this upcoming campaign, including a reprint and the first official expansion of the critically acclaimed Beast. Venture deep into untold secrets in a perilous place with new mechanics, maps, hunters, and...Beasts! Keep your eye on the Beast and grab an exclusive free mini by following the campaign of Beast – Shattered Isles now.

Creature Caravan 
You roamed the skies in Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies, and now you must face threats in the land of Arzium. Red Raven Games is back to send you on a quest to help bring wandering creatures to safety. In this 1-6 player game, you get your hands on 134 cards and use combinations of actions and abilities to protect your cargo. Follow Creature Caravan to travel through this dangerous and majestic land designed and illustrated by Ryan Laukat once more.

Coloma Reprint & Expansion
A reprint and expansion of Coloma, one of 2019’s hottest titles from Final Frontier Games, are just around the corner. Set during the California gold rush, the goal of this western-themed Euro game is to build the ultimate boomtown and outplay other golddiggers. Head to the gold mines alone or with five other pioneers. No need to worry, there are many paths that you can take to try and chase your victory. Whatever you choose, stay alert and defend your frontiers from the outlaws. If you're looking for a golden nugget, increase your chances of finding one by checking out the project page.

Carson City Big Box
Yeehaw, cowboys! Come on back to Carson City and saddle up for some Wild West action. Set up grand saloons, ranches, and more in hopes of becoming the most prominent figure in town. This Big Box is being reissued with all the previously released expansions, extras, AND a newly designed standalone solo mode! No need to hold your horses, it’s time to giddy up to the project page.

Skytear Horde: Monoliths
The enemy minions and monsters are back to raid your deck in Monoliths. A reprint and stand-alone expansion for Skytear Horde is approaching. Monoliths features eight new pre-made decks that can be paired with eight decks from the previous campaign, creating a ton of new combinations. With eight being the magic number, every challenge you face will be unique thanks to eight new castles and heroes. Eight exclusive promo castle cards are up for grabs if you follow now.

Secrets Of the Greenwold – 5e Campaign Bundle
How much could possibly fit into one box? Well, a year's worth of adventures can, and it’s on its way! Stop the War of Dragons before it shreds the realm to pieces! The Secrets of the Greenwold campaign book will be the first hardcover compilation of the original 13-part RPG adventure - expanded and revised. New art, new monsters, and countless other gameplay components. Help to save the Greenwold by following now.

League Of Dungeoneers
Have you ever seen rodents the size of a man? A new threat is coming to League of Dungeoneers, along with an expansion and a complete reprint of the original dungeon crawler – so get ready! The original game funded in less than an hour and now has a polished version ready to get on your tables. Defy the rodent plague by fighting them off alone or with your bravest companions. Check out this project if you dare to face the dusk of mankind.

The Quest Compendium
Feel like exercising your brain? Prepare to let your imagination run wild with the laser-cut, engraved, and even hand-assembled Quest Compendium. The creators of Codex Silenda are coming back with a new design in two sizes that will please all your puzzling needs. Make sure to follow this truly unique project.

Summing up

We know a lot's been going on here at Gamefound as we announced some changes and new features. We're extremely happy to see the community growing to over 900,000 backers as well as the success of titles such as The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal Of The Second Era, Andromeda's Edge, and many more. Today we shared 9 amazing campaigns that will be hosted on the platform, and there are a lot more to come across the rest of the year. Thanks for your constant support,

Alex Radcliffe, CMO of Gamefound