Expanding analytics of projects and embracing AI in recommendations

project monitor
Project Monitor

New data is now available in project analytics. We recently introduced traffic and pledge sources, and now we’ve added a new section to the analytics page – project monitor. This is not yet available to everyone; contact us if you want this feature enabled for your project. You can either contact your KAM directly, leave a comment under this post, write on Discord, or use our contact form. It’s possible to choose data for a specific project stage (that's a default option) or use a date range if you prefer. Select “custom” to choose the dates. What’s waiting for you there?

You’ll see details about funding split into rewards, taxes, shipping, and canceled pledges. This way, you can monitor the pledges with taxes and shipping and choose the time span for the data. 
We’ll show you the changes in the follower number in a specific period of time. This metric will be very useful, especially during the preview stage.
You’ll also see the changes in the number of backers of your project. This will also show you how many backers are also followers of your project.
Page views
This shows the total number of visits to the project page and all its subpages.
The data may be bulked into groups if you choose a broad period. On the screen, the data is grouped by week:
AI project recommendations

We are happy to report that our main page will now be more customized for every Gamefound user. Featuring projects will happen automatically, based on analytics data and your interests as a user. Our goal is to show projects that are most interesting and rotate them often. 

As a user – you will have a personalized main page showing you games that should best fit your interests! 

As a creator – your project will be showcased to users based on their preferences, with a much better chance for them pledging to or following your campaign. 

All of that happens in good timing since we have A RECORD NUMBER of live and upcoming campaigns on Gamefound! We are super excited to see so many creators choosing Gamefound as their main platform, and we hope that all the extra features we are adding every 2 weeks are making the GF experience even better!

Works in progress

A lot is happening behind the scenes as our dev and business teams are embracing the topic of taxes. Gamefound is already the most advanced crowdfunding platform in that field, but we have no plans to stop. Apart from that, the localization of the platform is getting closer and closer. We always rely on your feedback, so feel free to join us on Discord or leave a comment here to let us know what else we should work on.

Alex Radcliffe, CMO of Gamefound