2022 on Gamefound - a summary

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We took a careful look at what we accomplished last year and prepared an infographic summary with the most important features and events. Enjoy!
That was surely a lot of work! If the graphic didn't load for some reason, here's our comment on all that's happened.

The growth

After over a year of development and preparations, we finally opened the platform for all creators. Another significant event was the beginning of our cooperation with Ravensburger as a strategic investor. This sped up the growth of our team to over 40 people in just a few months. In August, we welcomed Alex Radcliffe as the CMO. 

The development

Now with the full team on board, we’re developing the platform sustainably and efficiently. We’ve picked up the pace and managed to implement lots of features and functionalities.

Adding new payment methods was a no-brainer for us to make pledging easier.

We wanted to address the issue of stable fulfillment costs by creators. The Stable Pledge program guarantees a full refund of the pledge value in specific cases.

The option to pay for pledges with split payment is free and available to all creators.

An easy way of managing all your projects in one place is just the first step in the new platform management system.

With the community at the core, making the community leaders stand out and appreciate their input was very important to us. Now, users can get a Verified or Pledge Master badge displayed next to their name in the comments.

We’re the first crowdfunding platform compliant with the EU law to settle VAT for non-EU-based creators.

We’ve enabled the option to open a pledge manager without the necessity to define shipping costs by creators – late pledge.

We’ve added a new role dedicated to project and community moderation. Now, creators can manage comments in their projects quickly and easily by themselves.

Our 2022 achievements in numbers 

We’ve hosted over 9 campaigns collecting over half a million. 3 reached over $1M (KeyForge: Winds of Exchange, Ravaged Star: Armies of the Veil-Touched, Sunnygeeks 1.5 – Modular Gaming Table), and another 3 reached over $2M (Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies), $3M (Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition) and $4,4M (Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin).
In 2022, we had 381 projects published on our platform. Crowdfunding projects collected over USD 28,2M. As many as 224,627 backers and 182 creators joined the community.
The Awaken Realms campaign Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin gathered over 41k followers before the start – 44% of those people pledged in crowdfunding, which made Kings of Ruin the second biggest crowdfunding campaign of 2022 in the field of tabletop games.
The conclusion

While 2022 kept us really busy, it was all worth the effort. We’ve got huge plans for this year, and we’re slowly implementing features that will make Gamefound the best crowdfunding there is. Thanks to all of you for being with us on this journey!

Alex and the whole Gamefound team