Stretch Goal unlocked: 1 million users on Gamefound!


One million! It is quite an impressive number! This marks a big milestone for the Gamefound community. I remember when we first started back 7-8 years ago. It was an absolutely crazy idea - we had one half-time programmer and a BIG vision. To create an awesome place where tabletop crowdfunding can thrive, and great games, RPGs, and other products can be created. 
We had a lot of ups and downs, stories of amazing success, and some failures and stressful moments. But we kept working hard and doing our best to bring our vision to life. Today, Gamefound is in a totally different place - we have 50+ great employees, we are aiming at 50 million USD in crowdfunding volume this year… and we just crossed 1 million users together! 

But for us, this is still just a start - we have A LOT of big things planned. Some of them will be revealed next week (spoiler: it will be a pretty awesome reveal :D). We want to create a place that will use technology to help bring amazing products to life. 

This means a lot of new features for backers, a lot of new features for creators. 

We want to make it easier for creators to deliver a game (that is why as Gamefound, we want to fully take care of the taxes) and bring the best pledge manager tools. 

We want to make it easier for backers to communicate with creators, other backers, and help influence the campaign. We believe interactions between creators and backers lead to much better products.

We also want to increase accessibility for everyone - that is why we introduced Stretch Pay (for free!), as well as numerous other payment solutions with upcoming PayPal and instant-payment solutions (bank transfers popular in Europe). 
This is just a small part of the evolution of Gamefound and our plans - but as always, actions speak louder than words, and I hope that you guys can see how Gameofund is changing for the better with every month! We are not going to stop. We are committed to making Gamefound an amazing place for backers and creators alike, and our team will give their best, to reward the trust that so many of you placed in us! 
Thank you! Thanks for being a part of this adventure, for your constant feedback, and being part of this community. We really appreciate you guys! 

Marcin Swierkot